男女做床视频_个人登录入口_千层浪入口app. has developed rapidly into a world-famous model company focusing on the development, production and sales of simulation models. For more than ten years, Tianya art products have been engaged in many fields, such as aircraft manufacturing, aerospace, military units, scientific research institutions, museums, etc. the R & D and sales of thousands of models cover eight types of aerospace, aircraft, military, ship, train, automobile, construction and industry. As a leading enterprise in the field of simulation scale model production, Tianya art products always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "creativity, innovation and creation", introduces world-class equipment and controls world-class technology. It has developed, manufactured and sold thousands of simulation scale models, and has developed, manufactured and sold thousands of simulation scale models New breakthroughs and developments have been made in the production of medium and high-grade gift models and unit personality models. Ambitious in the ambitious, hard work in the progress. With the service concept of "sincere, professional and moving", Tianya arts and crafts has built a reputation in the market and built a high reputation with the service concept of "sincere, professional and moving". In the sincere cooperation, Tianya art products are making steady progress to the world famous brands.
Development vision: world model made in China, China model made in Tianya
Registered trademark: skybaron / skybaron

Company profile

development history

First airline order received in July 2006



In 2009, the exhibition hall with exhibition and sales in Beijing Workers' gymnasium was officially established

In 2005, a small model of China Northwest Airlines attracted the attention of its founder, mu Weiqiu


In August 2005, the first batch of (1:200) 747 aircraft models came out with a production capacity of 200



In 2008 to undertake the Olympic, auspicious, sacred fire aircraft model production


In 2007, the first batch of (1:48) J-10 aircraft models came out with a production capacity of 500

In 2010, Dongfeng missile vehicle, Liaoning aircraft carrier and Shenzhou spacecraft were successively produced


In 2011, we successively produced and developed TV broadcasting vehicle, mobile medical vehicle, automobile transport ro ro ship, Toyota transport vehicle, azmu yacht and other models


Production of (1:1) p51 Mustang in 2013


In 2014, the (1:1) Robinson lift model was produced


In 2016, we cooperated with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to produce (1:1) J-10 model



In 2017, we successively developed and produced aircraft models such as business aircraft, private aircraft, rotorcraft and (1:1) Caribbean Pirate ship model

Gongwei: 138 1166 9627
Email: moxing380@163.com
Address: 10 / F, building 1, Beidou navigation Industrial Park, 8 Kechuang 12th Street, Yizhuang Development Zone, Beijing
Tel. + 86-10-84288662


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