男女做床视频_个人登录入口_千层浪入口app. is a professional model design and production company.

Relying on professional design talents and senior production technicians, the company has won the unanimous praise of customers. Since its establishment, it has followed the business tenet of "honesty, professionalism, innovation and perfection", and established a set of scientific and rigorous modern management and operation mechanism. Main production scope: real estate model, intelligent transportation demonstration model, Internet of things information technology demonstration model, planning model, building model, topography, ancient building model, industrial model, scheme model, digital model, museum scene, transparent screen, 3D drawing preliminary design, etc.

Baiyi model is committed to industrial machinery model, building planning model, military weapon model, exhibition model and other fields of professional model production. In order to better serve customers and better pursue quality, starting point model has been adhering to the concept of "continuous innovation and striving for progress" for many years, and has become the fastest growing model professional production company. In various fields of continuous development in the future, we will provide customers with more economic, efficient and high-quality services.

Since the beginning of its establishment, the company has been dedicated to the use of modern display means based on high-grade and high-quality. The production process adopts the most advanced laser and fine carving technology, and provides new international model materials. Combined with the model production process, it is committed to sound, light, electricity, water mist, voice control, intelligent transportation, numerical control dynamic, mechanical dynamic, Internet of things control With the development and application of high and new technologies, the model is more realistic and more shocking. For the domestic and foreign real estate industry, construction industry, design industry, exhibition industry, power, water conservancy, military forces, advertising industry to provide a full range of sincere services.

Contact person: Manager Dong
Service hotline: 13910315819
Company email: 398695810@qq.com
Address: Renying village, Liulihe Town, Fangshan District, Beijing


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