There are various ways to make sand table models

The most widely used aspect of building sand table model is the real estate sales model. For consumers, when buying a house, they will use the real estate sales model to see the house. Although they see the model, do you have a certain understanding of the production of the model? Let me tell you about the making of sand table model.
There are various ways to make building sand table model. Before making the sand table model, we should consider the reinforcement components of the model, which are usually hidden in the wall line or covered up with certain methods.
A high quality sand table model should be made from the perspective of the whole. As visitors, the first thing we can see about a sand table model is its exterior color. The architectural sand table model must not be too deliberate to give visitors a real visual feeling. Secondly, vegetation is a part of building sand table model. A reasonable building sand table model must have its rationality and artistry.
A high-quality building model will give people a real and beautiful subjective feeling and resonate with the viewers; On the contrary, the sand table model of the building, which is completely in accordance with the design drawings, will always give people the feeling that there is always something strange. In fact, the combination of color and scenery is a soft part, which has nothing to do with the design drawings, and reasonable and beautiful is a standard of evaluation.

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