Detail maintenance of building sand table model

For a building sand table model after the production, want to maintain the best state, we need the buyer to carry out certain maintenance. The maintenance method is not just about talking about it. For the maintenance of building sand table model, we have many details to pay attention to. Let's say the maintenance method of building sand table model.
For the sand table model, we should avoid direct touch. For visitors, we should also prevent direct contact, especially those trinkets. If they fall off, they should be properly kept. Contact Shenzhen model company for after-sales maintenance.
The sand table model should be stored in the appropriate temperature and humidity range to increase the model life.
Usually for the building sand table model also to keep its neat, appropriate cleaning. For the sand table of the road can choose to use a small brush to clean, and then use a special towel to wipe, black glass road with alcohol to wipe.
The appearance of the model can also be cleaned with a small brush, and the stubborn dust can be wiped with a wet towel. But we should put an end to hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and other chemical products.
For the parts of flowers, plants and trees, it is better to use the strong wind of blower for dust removal, and then use self spray cleaning and spraying new treatment.
The maintenance of building sand table model is very important. If the cleaning is not in place, the beauty of the model will be greatly reduced in the process of use, and the display effect will be affected. Therefore, regular maintenance and cleaning is very necessary.

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