What are the functions of real estate sales model?

When it comes to the real estate sales model, maybe many people will know what kind of building sand table model is, because the modern house purchase in our life is relatively hot, and in the current real estate market, the most commonly used is the real estate sales model. We will see the real estate sales model when we buy a house, and take it as a reference for buying a house. What is the function of the real estate sales model? The functions of sand table model are as follows:
What are the functions of real estate sales model
     1. The real estate sales model can let the buyer as a pursuit. The real estate sales model makes the scale of the house and the house clear at a glance. The buyer can understand the traffic, environment and supporting conditions of the community according to the sand table model of the building.
     2. The real estate sales model can increase the purchase desire of buyers, make up for the lack of decoration, and set off the sales atmosphere.
     3. The real estate sales model can provide reference for customers, fully display the advantages of the house type, and show the grade

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