How to make sand table model?

For the production of architectural sand table model, there are many forms of expression, because different types of sand table, its application site is also different. Just as the real estate sales model is more suitable for real estate sales, and the urban development exhibition model is mainly suitable for displaying the development of cities, different sand tables have different application places.
     1. Desktop sand table model, this model is more common, because it is the most traditional form of architectural sand table model.
     2. The flipped sand table model, which is based on the multi-purpose needs of a part of the customer site, develops a model that can be flipped and can stand on the wall or inside the wall.
     3. Ground embedded sand table model: according to the site versatility, site restrictions or special needs of some customers, this kind of ground embedded model mostly displays the effect in the urban planning model.
     4. Embedded sand table model of conference table: this model can effectively save resources and is more suitable for government departments to do multimedia sand table demonstration.
     5. Wall mounted building sand table model, in order to meet the special requirements and needs of customers, domestic building model enterprises have developed the wall mounted model based on the existing building sand table model, which solves the site limitation well and is loved by customers.
     6. Portable sand table model: this model is a high-tech display model, which can be folded and multi-purpose.
     7. Network three-dimensional model: this model is in accordance with the computer three-dimensional mapping way to make sand table.

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