The scope of urban planning model is very wide

For urban planning model, we listen to its name and know its meaning, which refers to the model used for urban planning. The scope of expression of such a model is very wide, and there are many differences between it and other building sand table models. This paper introduces the unique points of urban planning model, which is a high-quality architectural model.
First of all, the scope of urban planning model is very wide, so its scale is very small. Generally speaking, the urban planning model is the prospect of the future of the city. Only by reducing the scale of the model can we show this plan. Secondly, from a practical point of view, it is impossible to achieve an equal proportion of the Big Mac model.
There are many kinds of models applied to urban planning model, because in the process of urban planning, it will inevitably involve business, landscape and so on. It can be said that urban planning model is the summary of all models, but it is more concise than other models.
Urban planning model is to show the overall image, so its proportion should be accurate, such as gardens, transportation, etc. only the most accurate proportion can show the most reasonable future of the city.

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