What kinds of sand table models are there

In some modern places, owning a house and a car has become the standard of marriage. Looking at a house and buying a house are part of the life of young people who are ready to get married. In the process of looking at a house, consumers often don't go directly to the design drawings or the completed buildings (except those that have been built), but go to the real estate sales center first to have a certain understanding of the house. At this time, for understanding the new house, the most intuitive expression is to build the real estate sales model in the sand table model. What are the categories of building sand table models?
       1. Sand table model of clay building
Clay is chosen as the model material for this kind of model, which is cheap and can be used repeatedly. However, its disadvantage is that it is easy to fracture, which is not conducive to long-term preservation.
       2. Sand table model of oil sludge building
This kind of building sand table model is a kind of artificial material model. Compared with clay sand table model, it can be reused and make up for the shortcomings of dry cracking. However, it is expensive and suitable for making some industrial machinery models.
       3. Sand table model of gypsum building
Gypsum sand table model is economical and practical, easy to use and easy to repair in case of fracture. It is suitable for making various models.
       4. Sand table model of plastic building
Plastic is a new type of material used for making models. It has various varieties, can be complex and simple, and is convenient for processing and preservation.
       5. Wooden building sand table model
The wood used here is generally wood and board after secondary processing, which is generally used for furniture model in interior design model.
       6. Sand table model of metal building
This kind of building sand table model is mainly made of steel. In the aspect of production, the main consideration is about the factors of mechanics and cost. Generally speaking, it is rare to choose metal as the material of building model.
       7. Sand table model of comprehensive building
This kind of building sand table model is to use all of the above building sand table model materials, two or more of them are used for model making and display, and the effect is better.

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