Building sand table model is used in architectural design and urban planning

Model in our modern society belongs to a familiar and common thing, and our common people most understand is the real estate sales model in the sand table model.
Building sand table model has become an indispensable project in architectural design and urban planning. The architectural sand table model directly shows the space effect of the designer's design scheme with its unique image. So in domestic and foreign architecture or planning or exhibition, there will be urban planning model, architectural design model, and urban development exhibition model and many other models. It has become an independent discipline.
Architectural sand table model is an organic combination of architecture and environment as well as plane drawings and actual space. It is a three-dimensional mode. Architectural sand table model helps designers to deliberate on creation, and can realize design drawings intuitively and stereoscopically, and make up for the limitations of drawings in performance. It is not only a part of the designer's design process, but also a form of design display. It is widely used in urban construction and real estate development, sales, design bidding and investment cooperation and other aspects.

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