Technical principle of digital sand table model

Modern society, in the process of development, those products will come out some classification, building sand table model also has many small categories. Today, let's talk about the technical principle of the digital sand table model.
First of all, let's talk about what the digital sand table model is. Digital sand table model is to simulate the real three-dimensional geographic information, so as to produce a miniature model, and then use control technology to find each point.
Next, I will explain the technical principle of digital sand table model for you.
       1. Real terrain simulation
The digital sand table model should be made according to the accurate scale, and the image of building mountains and rivers should be made in three dimensions, which not only has the use value, but also has the appreciation effect.
       2. Intelligent dynamic display
The architectural sand table model uses different color lights to display through a single point, so that the whole digital sand table model has obvious dynamic effect.
       3. Multi function control
Digital sand table model uses computer, sound, video and other technologies and means, which can not only realize the operation of mouse and keyboard, but also control the mode of touch sensing.
       4. Comprehensive demonstration
The digital sand table model uses multimedia and information technology to realize sound, light, electricity and other technologies. Through a variety of technologies to carry out comprehensive demonstration, the three-dimensional and new-type building model display is realized.
       5. Easy to operate
Through the point selection control technology and other technologies to quickly find the relevant elements.
       6. It is widely used
Not only can be used in building sand table model, but also can be used to study terrain and planning and so on.

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