How to deal with the board of building sand table model

Wooden board is one of the materials commonly used in building sand table model. Before making the building sand table model, we should take some measures to deal with the wood board. Here is how to deal with the wood board of building sand table model.
Architectural design model board treatment:
      1. There may be bending. Available methods for bending: fire baking, boiling, cold bending, which can be used according to their own habits.
      2. Splicing may be required. In order to keep flat, wood chips sometimes need to be lengthened and widened, which should be mainly in the direction of tree rings.
      3. Planing is required. This method can keep the surface smooth and improve the efficiency and quality of work.
      4. Cutting is required. Cut the surplus wood chips. Pay attention to the direction of the wood grain when cutting. The force should be light first and then heavy, and then gradually increase the force until cutting. It is not allowed to cut with one knife, especially when cutting the arc.         
      5. Grinding is required. Also pay attention to the direction of wood grain when grinding, and select the appropriate sandpaper for grinding.

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