How to judge the quality of building sand table model

Building sand table model is one of the important "artifact" in real estate sales. We usually call this "artifact" as real estate sales model. There are also many large-scale real estate developers in these high-quality building models. Compared with the regional production units, these interior design models are usually applied by real estate developers to the real estate sales model together, which is convenient for visitors to visit. A good real estate sales model can be more intuitive and clear to show the advantages of the whole building's geography, transportation, house type and so on. So how can we judge the quality of a sand table model? The criteria are as follows:
      1. The scale of the model is accurate. When we visitors visit the model, careful people will notice the scale and size of the model. These proportions are a reference for visitors according to the real estate, but these are designed by the model company. Visitors should not underestimate these proportions. These proportions have been designed by designers. How can they be harmonious and beautiful and how can visitors not feel uncomfortable? Each proportion needs to be carefully designed.
      2. A high-quality building model is often clean and tidy, which is an essential factor as a real estate sales model.
      3. The selection of materials should be reasonable, according to the style of building sand table model to choose the appropriate building sand table model material, so as to create a more high-grade, texture of the real estate sales model.
      4. The lighting scene layout is reasonable. In the building sand table model, the lighting used by different buildings should be different. For example, the residential area should be warm color, so as to create a warm atmosphere. In the commercial street, we should have colorful neon lighting effect to set off a strong business atmosphere.
      5. Those vegetation and small buildings are often the environment people yearn for, so greening is an important part of real estate sales. In the real estate sales model, we should try our best to be close to the nature, and the small buildings should also be arranged reasonably, so as not to let visitors feel that there is a sense of disharmony.

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