How to paint and color the sand table model?

In order to make the building sand table model more exquisite, sometimes we need to beautify the building sand table model, then spray painting is a way to beautify. How to color the sand table model is perfect.
In the actual operation of spray painting, if the glossy surface effect is needed, the spraying distance should be shortened and the spraying speed should be slowed down evenly, so that the surface of the object to be sprayed can form a flat and glossy paint surface after drying. However, it should be pointed out that when painting, the sprayed surface must be placed horizontally to prevent sagging due to too thick paint layer. If we need the sub gloss effect, we should increase the distance and speed up the spraying process, so that the spray paint can form a mist in the air and evenly scatter on the surface of the sprayed surface. In this way, after repeated several times, the paint surface will form a granular and lusterless surface effect.
Beautify the sand table model of the building, so that visitors can stimulate their desire to buy.

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