Is the quality of the sand table model proportional to the price?

1. Poor quality: in order to minimize operating costs, most of the sand table models are manufactured at low prices. Because of this, the cost of many sand table models will be reduced because of the price, and the quality will be lower with the decrease of materials.
2. The safety and security are not perfect: many low-cost model sand tables, electronic sand table production circuit shoddy, high repair rate, and even fire accidents; Moreover, the stability of the low price model after sale is very poor, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the later maintenance. This is the unnecessary accident caused by the reduction of price and cost of sand table model.
3. There is no guarantee for after-sales service: many of them have no after-sales service team, the company is relatively small, and there is no integrity at all. The later service of sand table model is more important.
Therefore, low price and low quality sand table model is not reliable. If you want a high-quality and affordable real estate sales model, please contact jingyida model, a famous international model company.
Once any industry develops, many businessmen will start to rush to this industry when they see business opportunities. At this time, the competitive pressure begins to increase, and so does the building sand table model.
Because there is no standard specification in the building sand table model industry,
Therefore, the prices in the market are very chaotic. For the same real estate sales model, the prices of its products are at different levels,
Therefore, the sand table model of low-cost and low-quality buildings is created. The use of poor quality materials, coupled with low-precision carving, rough walls, easy deformation, foaming and fading.
This situation is not reported once or twice in the news, but many manufacturers and customers only buy at low prices, which leads to market chaos. Is the quality of the sand table model directly proportional to the price?
Let's open the riddle of low price.

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